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Dear Friend of Urban Tree Connection,

Over a decade ago, we built the raised beds on 54th street with the hope that the neighbors who live nearby would use them to grow fresh produce for their families.

Doris lives on that block, and her two girls were integrally involved in building our Memorial Garden. But about that time, Doris hit a brick wall – she lost her job at UPS, could hardly feed her kids and keep them out of
trouble, and on any given day you could see her wandering the street.

Neighbors rolled their eyes when I asked about Doris. I would always jump out of the car when I saw her and give her a big hug. No matter how low, she always managed a brilliant, warm smile and always
muttered “by the grace of God . . .”

This year Sue Witte, UTC’s volunteer coordinator who has been managing the 54th Street garden, reported that a woman named Doris had joined her at the beds. I looked Sue straight in the eye and said in a firm voice “whatever you do, don’t let her go, help her to the garden and teach her how to manage it.” And with the occasional help of volunteers, she has.

An extraordinarily warm connection has grown between the two of them. Now, the 54th Street garden is the pride of the neighborhood. The UTC farmers can’t believe the size and vigor of the collards there. On any given day, Doris can be spotted tending the crops. A wave brings her contagious smile. Her grandson, Daviyay, who is learning gardening hands-on, loves to help, and often the neighborhood kids come to garden too.

Urban Tree Connection gives special thanks to each and every one of you for your continued financial support. Please help us reach our goal of $35,000 which will help us to grow communities, create food security, and inspire the local economy like never before. If you gave last year, please consider increasing your gift. If you are a first time giver, think about helping us create more gardens, healthy citizens and real jobs by giving $100.00. Help us continue to help Doris and others like her. Please
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Many people ask repeatedly for us to come to their neighborhoods to build gardens, but I usually answer that we don’t just build gardens. Our work in Haddington is transformative, for Doris and the dozens of children and adults with whom we work and live. Your partnership in this process is essential - building gardens, sharing the chores and your donations which bring vital resources to continue this journey.

Please support our efforts.

With deep appreciation,

Skip Wiener, Executive Director


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