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We cannot say enough about the individuals and groups of volunteers who come out and help with projects in the gardens and with children's programs. Urban Tree Connection relies heavily on the help of volunteers to accomplish the work of maintaining 10 gardens in the Haddington section of West Philadelphia including the ones in vegetable and fruit production for our healthy growing initiative, Neighborhood Foods, and the markets it supplies. These volunteers include summer camps, church groups, college students, adults in recovery, corporate members, private school groups, city youth groups, attorneys, programs for adults with challenges, and international students visiting Philadelphia to learn the real picture of the city from a hands- on perspective. Many of our volunteer groups return each year or several times each year, and each brings their unique talents to the tasks at hand and often serve as an incredible bridge with the community. On any given volunteer day in the gardens, the neighborhood children living near that particular garden are often fully engaged with volunteers in the work and fun of the event. We urge anyone with interest in volunteering to please contact us. You need not be a "gardener" as there are many tasks at all levels that we need help with. We look forward to having you join us!

Spotlight On: Mission Philadelphia

We would like to send out a huge Thank You to Trinity Episcopal Church for their utter dedication to the annual Mission Philadelphia Project!  They literally move mountains (of rubble and brush) and build all kinds of things when they come to Haddington every year, the third week of June.  In early May they spent a pre-Mission Philly Saturday working with us and will do so again before the actual June week of service.  Last year they built the amazing pallet shed that now houses all the Farm tools and a play structure at Pearl Street, among other numerous projects. This year they’ll plant fruit trees, build trash and recycling boxes, and build a music platform for the neighborhood in the Memorial Garden! To learn more about our relationship with Trinity Church and Mission Philadelphia, please visit the UTC blog.

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We would like to acknowledge our friends and supporters whose generous contributions help us to achieve our mission. To contribute to Urban Tree Connection, please contact UTC at info@urbantreeconnection.org.

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